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1973 Porsche 914 2.0L

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Porsche 914 & 914/6 (e)Bay Watch

EDITOR'S NOTE: Be forewarned. While the rest of this site attempts to present information regarding Porsche 914 vehicles in a fairly professional and factual manner, this page is comprised primarily of the owner's opinions.

Online Auctions: The View from Afar

On-line auctions are a tremendous source for parts that would otherwise be virtually impossible to find at reasonable prices. We have purchased hundreds of Porsche 914 parts on eBay. At least 95% of the individuals and companies selling 914 parts and accessories on eBay (and elsewhere online) are completely honest and a pleasure to deal with. There are, however, also sellers of items that arrive... other than as described. In the past, if we came across a "misrepresented" item, we would generally send the seller a note explaining the discrepancy. Such notes were frequently neither well-received nor acted upon.

So, in the spirit of information sharing (which is what P914.com is all about), we decided to add this page of noteworthy Porsche 914-related listings on eBay. Herein, we will highlight a few current auctions as either "Items of Concern," for those listings that appear to be other than what they claim, or "Items of Interest" for things we would bid on if we needed them. If you happen to be reading this and find you are listing a "Concern" item, please make appropriate corrections. Sorry, it's probably nothing personal. If you find that you have bid on or were thinking of bidding on a "Concern" item, re-evaluate your plans. If you see an auction that might be of "Concern," please e-mail the link to ContactUs@p914 with your reason for "Concern" and help your fellow 914 enthusiasts avoid making purchasing errors.

NOTE: The links that appear in capital letters within some of the listing descriptions below lead to P914 component reference pages specific to the item being sold.

Items of Concern:

(Updated Monday, February 18, 2013)

Item Number 200896754617:
Vintage Porsche 356 914 912 911 Custom Crest Shift Knob

We reviewed this item expecting to highlight it as "Of Interest," because it appears to be (and likely is) an original crested Amco shift knob in good condition. Amco was a Porsche-licensed dealer-option accessory manufacturer for decades, including the period in which Teeners were made. With a starting bid of $10, this item initially appeared attractive, but the description and lack of pictures cause some concern.  For instance, the seller proclaims "...last of the new old stock," but them immediately notes the "Item is vintage and used so it shows some signs of wear." The description also states the knob is "hard press and twist fit for all... 914 models." Amco knobs that fit Teeners use a set screw, as the factory 914 shifter stalk end is smooth. Pictures from multiple angles would likely have helped with determining condition and fitment, but they are not provided. This omission raises another red flag.

Item Number 160976925916:
Porsche 914 black aluminum 914 emblem.

This is one of five Porsche 914 REAR EMBLEMS listed by the same seller, and we wouldn't bid on any of them. This badge is likely the best of the lot as it is the only one without apparent mounting pin issues, but a quick study of the front and back pictures reveals that is is not the original finish. Factory painted emblems are bare aluminum on the back.

Items of Interest:

(Updated Monday, February 18, 2013)

Item Number 160976516089:

Sure, an opening bid of $99 seems high for used hater valves, but look at what is included: both valves, both branch pipes, both warm air elbows and shipping. after you notice that a good portion of the original finish remains on the pipes and valves, $99 starts to look like an unbelievable bargain.

Item Number 221191072664:
Bursch Tuned Exhaust for Porsche 914 2 Litre

Here is an opportunity to get a new Bursch exhaust system for your 1973-1974 Porsche 914 2L car at at opening bid under $50. Bursch systems are made in the US and are one of the best options for Teeners that retain their factory (or SSI) heat exchangers. This exhaust will normally set you back over $300, so here is a great chance to save some money.

Item Number 261171011228:
1974 Porsche 914 2.0 Fuch Fuchs alloy rim wheel Excellent Clean NO Reserve!

This listing is for an original Fuchs rim (with tire) with no damage or curb rash and an opening bid of $0.01. (and reasonable shipping costs). That should be "Of Interest" to a few 914 owners.

Item Number 230929830848:
Porsche 911 / 914 emblem letters full set PORSCHE original

Factory gold-anodized aluminum ENGINE GRILLE LETTERS correct for 1970-1972 Porsche 914 and all 914/6 vehicles are available at a starting bid of $9.99 in this auction. The description states, "All mounting tabs intact." Unfortunately, the rear of the emblems is not pictured, so you have to take that description on good faith.