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Porsche 914, 914/6 & 911 Factory Tool Kits

Awash in Misinformation

As noted on the COMPONENTS home page, a search for accurate Porsche 914 tool kit contents was the genesis of the P914 Website. The majority of factory-provided tools have no manufacturer's markings, and many have no markings at all. The parts catalog is quite vague in this area (and many others). Some of the owner's manuals for specific model years have inaccurate or incomplete lists of tools and/or no pictures. Opinions vary widely in the forums (as they often do). Parts retailers... well, their "factory-provided" information has an uncanny way of matching their current inventory. "Authenticity" publications (or at least those we read) lacked the level of detail we sought, had poor pictures and many inaccuracies... and we had to pay for them.

So began the laborious process of gathering both factory tool kit information and tool kits themselves in order to determine exactly what tools were provided with each porsche 914 and 914/6 model year. This effort was more difficult than expected. Although over 118,000 Porsche 914 cars and 3,350 Porsche 914/6 models were produced, far fewer original tool kits have survived (and the cars are rapidly succumbing to rust as well). Eventually, however, we were successful.

Probably More Than You Care to Know

The buttons on the left lead to detailed information and pictures regarding the Porsche 914 and 914/6 tool kit contents and individual tools provided for each model year. Because the tool kits for the Porsche 914 and the Porsche 914/6 are completely different -- the former being VW-based and the latter Porsche-based -- we have created seperate sections. Combining the 914 and 914/6 tool kit and tool information compressed too much information into each page, as the level of detail provided might be considered "excessive" by the majority of readers.

Additionally, as the Porsche 914/6 tool kits are identical to Porsche 911 tool kits (with the addition of a tow eye-hook not provided for the 911), the 914/6 tool kit section is a good resource for 1969-1973 Porsche 911 and all Porsche 914/6 owners.