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1970 Porsche 914/6 GT

Porsche 914 & 914/6 Performance

The Balance of Power

We included this section because we could not find consolidated performance graphs in a standard format for U.S. specification Porsche 914 and/or 914/6 cars... anywhere. That was a situation that needed to be remedied. The results may disclose why this information was not previously available, as they are not overly impressive.

The principle feature of the Porsche 914 line is the mid-engine design, resulting in a per-axle weight balance and intra to extra-axle weight distribution never before seen in a mass production vehicle. When coupled with the extremely low center of gravity, wide wheel base, scanty weight (see the SPECIFICATIONS section for details) and four-wheel independent suspension, the 914 models exhibit extraordinary handling characteristics. From a pure power perspective, however, the Porsche 914 (and also the 914/6) cars are lacking, especially by today's standards. In short, the 914 is optimized for road courses. From a drag race perspective, it gets great gas mileage.

In Its Day, In Its Class...

The factory-built racing version of the Porsche 914/6, the 914/6GT, was dominant in its class during the production run, securing (among many others) the 1970 International GT Trophy, 1970 24 Hours of LeMans first in class (6th overall), 1971 IMSA Championship, and 1971 24 Hours of Daytona first in class (7th overall). This success was not lost on the marketing folks, as can be seen in this PORSCHE 914/6 ADVERTISEMENT from late 1970. Like we said... great handling and endurance, not much straight line acceleration... as the sections accessed by the buttons on the left will attest.

Let us reiterate that all pages in the P914 "Performance" section pertain solely to U.S specification Porsche 914 and/or 914/6 vehicles.We do not have factory information with which to generate non-U.S. spec vehicle power numbers at this time (sorry).