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1971 - 1976

Porsche 914 & 914/6 Vanity Mirrors (Sun Visor)

Looking Good!

Beginning partway through the 1971 model year, all Porsche 914 vehicles were equipped with with a vanity mirror fitted into the passenger's sun visor, part number 914 731 044 12. It is a simple, unlit mirror with a vinyl cover flap secured by Velcro. This flap has a cardboard insert to help make it more solid. The flaps tend to tear off, because the "hinge" is thin vinyl.

The visors pictured are from a 1971-1973 Porsche 914. Later visors are identical but have black plastic pivot pins in place of the chromed steel pins which tend to rust badly due to leaky Targa seals (or getting rained on with the top off). The right side visor mirrors are identical regardless of year.

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