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1971 Porsche 914/6

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Are we missing out on "The Greatest Porsche 914 (or 914/6 or 914/6GT or 916) Website in the Galaxy?" A site so phenomenal that, by mere virtue of its omission on this page, invalidates P914.com as a worthy and reliable source of Teener information? Probably. In fact, we're sure there are many such sites. If you happen to know of one, please submit it to the e-mail address in the right panel. It may never show up on this page, but at least we'll get to check it out.

By the way, none of the sites linked below pay to be listed here.
We just like them.

914 World
Sure, P914 now hosts Forum 914, but we still frequent 914World.

Porsche 914 Club of France
Tres bien 914 forum and events site. Try the "Configurator." Very cool!

DDK Online
A nice vintage Porsche forum and events site for enthusiasts in the U.K.

356 Tools
In case Teeners are not your only passion...
The best site for Porsche 356 tool kit information.

Transporter Werks
The best shop for vintage German air-cooled vehicles in the Carolinas.