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U.S. Specification

European / German


Porsche 914 & 914/6 Front Turn Signals

Regulated Style

In order to meet in-country regulation, Porsche 914 and Porsche 914/6 vehicles came with one of three Hella front turn signal styles: US, European/German or Italian specification. These designations are fairly self-explanatory, but it has been pointed out that the turn signal lenses referred to as "European Specification" by U.S. Porsche 914 owners are referred to as "German Specification" by Italian 914 owners (think about it). As described below, the styles differ in more than appearance.

Normal problems experienced with Porsche 914 turn signal lenses include severe fading (excluding the Italian specification lenses, of course) and cracking near the mounting screw holes due to over-tightening.

Current eBay listings for Porsche 914 and 914/6 front turn signals (compare listed items with those pictured on this page to ensure authenticity):

Porsche 914 and 914/6 Turn Signal Lights and Lenses on eBAY

U.S. Specification Turn Signals

The Porsche 914 US specification Hella turn signal lenses, part number 914 631 934 11, are a uniform amber color. They enclose a non-partitioned Hella housing with a single dual-purpose running/turn signal lamp despite retaining the partition cutouts and wire guides found in the Euro spec (just lacks the actual partition reflector and additional bulb socket). The US spec turn signals pair with the monochrome (not counting the clear reverse light section) red US spec tail light lenses.

European / German Specification Turn Signals

The Porsche 914 Euro/German specification Hella turn signal lens, part number 914 631 937 10, has a separate orange signal lamp section and a clear running light section. European spec turn lenses are mounted on a correspondingly sectioned Hella housings with two lamps to enable separate illumination of the lens panels. These turn signals match the tri-colored European/German or bi-colored French spec tail light lenses. Refer to the TAIL LIGHTS page for more information.

Italian Specification Turn Signals

The Porsche 914 Italian specification Hella turn signal lens, part number 914 631 936 12, is uniformly clear. Like European/German spec turn lenses, These turn signals were matched with the tri-colored European/German spec tail light lenses. Italian specification Porsche 914 automobiles also came equipped with clear side markers wired as additional turn signal lamps.