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Horspower & Torque
Comparison Graph
| Porsche 914: 1970-73
1.7L "W" & "EA" Codes
| Porsche 914: 1974-76
1.8L "EC" Engine Code
| Porsche 914: 1973-74
2.0L "GA" Engine Code
| Porsche 914: 1975-76
2.0L "GC" Engine Code
| Porsche 914/6: 1970-72
"901.38" & "901.39" Codes

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Porsche 914 Horsepower & Torque:
1975 - 1976 2.0 Liter "GC" Engine Code

Another Response to Environmental Concerns

The graph below is a composite of the horsepower and torque curves for 1975-1976 Porsche 914 vehicles with the 2.0 liter four-cylinder "GC" coded engines. The "GC" engines are the result of stricter California emission standards applied to the 2.0L "GA" coded engines (similar to the evolution of the 1.7L "EA" engine to the 1.8L "EC" engine). In an effort to reduce emissions, the last two production years of the Porsche 914 incorporated a revamped exhaust system with a catalytic converter, a detuned fuel injection system and technologies such as air injection, all of which hurt performance. Like the "EC" engines, the "GC" code is inferior to its "GA" predecessor in horsepower, torque and acceleration. Additional information regarding the "GC" engines is located (not surprisingly) on the ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS page.

Maximum rated horsepower (SAE-Net): 84 hp @ 4900 RPM
Maximum rated torque (SAE-Net): 97 ft-lbs @ 4000 RPM