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Porsche 914

Reset Cable

1970 - 1972 120 MPH

150 MPH / 120 MPH

1973 150 MPH

1974 - 1976 150 MPH

Porsche 914/6

Porsche 914 & 914/6 Speedometers

Mechanical Efficiency

All Porsche 914 models were delivered with a VDO mechanical speedometer. These gauges are black-faced with white print and a red-orange needle, although as with all 1970-1971 Porsche 914 and 914/6 dash cluster gauges, some units had off-white print (there is no part number differentiation for print color). They contain a 5-digit odometer, a 4-digit trip odometer and the parking light indicator. Like the combination and fuel gauges, the speedometer case is 100 mm in diameter. Speedometers are sealed units with the mechanisms accessible only by prying off the molded bezel ring. Problems pervasive to all 914 speedometers include odometer failure, needle fading, lens fogging and lens scratching.

NOTE: The MPH and part number information provided below relates to US specification vehicles.

Current eBay listings for Porsche 914 and 914/6 speedometers (compare listed gauges with those pictured on this page to ensure authenticity and model year utilization):

Porsche 914 and 914/6 Speedometers on eBAY

Inquiring Minds...

In case you were wondering (unlikely), the trip odometer reset cable provided in the 1970-1973 model year Porsche 914 and 914/6 vehicles differed from that which came with the 1974-1976 cars. The earlier version was 320 mm long and had a metal knob secured with a tiny (and we mean small) set screw. The later type was 240 mm long and had a plastic knob that snapped over a plastic retainer. A comparison picture is provided to the right.

1970 - 1972 Porsche 914 Speedometers

The 1970-1972 Porsche 914 speedometer is a 120 MPH unit commonly referred to as a "silver button" or "silver center" gauge, because it has a silver-colored cap covering the needle pivot. These US specification (MPH) gauges were assigned one of the following  part numbers: 914 641 503 10 for 165 x 15 tires (1970 example pictured) or either 914 641 503 11 ('70-'71) or 914 641 505 11 ('72) for 155 x 15 tires (also pictured). They have glass lenses and deep bezel rings. As noted above, some early 120 MPH units had off-white print; a picture comparing the two print tones is provided at right. As with all "silver button" gauges, the two-piece, painted steel bezel on these units is prone to rust.

The 120 MPH units are not quite as susceptible to odometer failure, because the internal odometer drive gears and shaft are metal (shown in sixth picture). More failure-prone plastic was used for these components in the 150 MPH gauges (both "silver button" and "black center" styles). Still, odometer (and trip odometer) failure rate is high on all Porsche 914 speedometers, because the metal gear that is press-fit onto the odometer drive shaft tends to loosen over time. This can be repaired, but it is a time-consuming task requiring as good deal of patience and care during gauge disassembly and reassembly.

1973  Porsche 914 Speedometers

The VDO gauges used in the 1973 and very early 1974 Porsche 914 models were also "silver button" or "silver center" gauges. To highlight the introduction of the 2.0L engine, a 150 MPH speedometer replaced the 120 MPH gauge delivered in the earlier cars (despite a rated top speed of only 115 MPH even in the 2.0L cars). Some of these gauges, part number 914 641 505 20, had plastic lenses instead of glass. As with all "silver button" gauges, the two-piece, painted steel bezel on these units is prone to rust. Additionally, the odometer drive gears and shaft were constructed of plastic, making them more prone to failure (see the 120 MPH and 150 MPH internals comparison picture at right).

1974 - 1976  Porsche 914 Speedometers

Speedometers used in the 1974-1976 Porsche 914 1.8 and 2.0L models are commonly referred to as "black center" gauges, because they have do not have the silver-colored cap covering the needle pivot found in the earlier style. These gauges, part number 914 641 505 30, are all 150 MPH units. They have shallow, black-painted steel or brass bezel rings and plastic lenses that are prone to scratching. It is possible that some of these later speedometers came from the factory with glass lenses, but we have never seen one. These "black center" 150 MPH speedometers also have plastic odometer drive gears and shafts as pictured.

1970 - 1972  Porsche 914/6 Speedometers

The Porsche 914/6 speedo is a 150 MPH unit nearly identical to the 1973 "914S" style, but all had a glass lens and a different part number:  911 641 506 00. Also pictured is a 250 KPH European spec Porsche 914/6 speedometer, part number 911 641 501 00.