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Porsche 914 & 914/6

1970 - 1974 Dashboard
Gauge Holders

Porsche 914

1975 - 1976 Dashboard
Gauge Holders

Porsche 914 & 914/6 Gauge Cluster Bezels

They're Black...

...and that's about as exciting as it gets. Hey, not every part of a car is interesting. We included this page about the gauge holder because this is a section about gauge authenticity and model year appropriateness, and the bezel material and finish changed prior to the 1975 model year. We leave no stone unturned here at P914.

Current eBay listings for Porsche 914 and 914/6 gauge holder bezels (compare listed bezels with those pictured on this page to ensure authenticity and model year utilization):

Porsche 914 and 914/6 Gauge Cluster Bezels on eBAY

1970 - 1974 Porsche 914 Gauge Holder Bezels

The 1970-1974 Porsche 914 and 914/6 models were equipped with a smooth, steel three-gauge bezel painted semi-gloss black. There is a 105 mm opening on each side of a 120 mm hole permitting fitment of the two 100 mm gauges (speedometer and fuel or combo gauges) and the 115 mm tachometer with their associated rubber mounting rings. The bezel is secured to the dashboard with four screws.

1975 - 1976 Porsche 914 Gauge Holder Bezels

The 1975-1976 Porsche 914 models came with a textured, black plastic version of the bezel described above. In California secification cars, the bezels included amber plastic lenses for the exhaust gas recirculation ("EGR") and catalytic converter ("CAT") indicator lights in each of the lower sections between the gauges.