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1975 Porsche 914 2.0L

Porsche 914 & 914/6 Components & Accessories

Mission: P914

The Website, P914.com (and its alias, P914.net), began with, of all things, tool kit questions. We had been having an unreasonably hard time determining exactly what tools were provided by the factory for a specific Porsche 914 model year (1974). The parts catalog is quite vague in this area (and many others). The owner's manual has an incomplete list of tools and no picture. Opinions varied widely in the forums (as they often do). Parts retailers... well, their "factory-provided" information has an uncanny way of matching their current inventory. "Authenticity" publications (or at least those we read... likely the same that you have) lacked the level of detail we sought, had poor pictures and many inaccuracies... and we had to pay for them.

Basically, we were getting nowhere fast, so we started collecting data first-hand. We inventoried the tools in every car we owned and every car that came into the shop. We monitored on-line sales and queried the sellers. We solicited e-mail in forums. We bought lots (and lots) of tools. We took pictures. We took notes... and we didn't stop with tools. The research expanded to additional problem areas: first gauges, then badges, and it grew (and continues to grow). That caused another problem -- how to best organize all the disparate records and pictures so that we could easily find them. Voila! P914 was born.

The buttons on the left lead to sections with detailed descriptions, information and pictures of the components or accessories cataloged to date. Enjoy.

Not Just Fading with Age

The difficulty with researching production date-correct component information does not merely result from the extensive period of time that has passed since the Porsche 914 and 914/6 models were discontinued (production of the Porsche 914 ended after the 1976 model year and the Porsche 914/6 was terminated after the 1972 model year). The following factors serve to compound the confusion:

As a result, it is likely that P914.com will never be complete (especially given the intermittant nature in which we update it). The information found herein is expanded and updated as available, so check back frequently.