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Aluminum (1970-1972)

Aluminum (1973)

Chrome Plastic

Engine Grille Letters:
Placement & Spacing

Porsche 914 & 914/6 Badges:
Engine Grille Letters

Standard PORSCHE Badging

As with the 911 models of the era, all U.S. specification Porsche 914 and 914/6 vehicles were delivered from the factory with block "P O R S C H E" lettering across the engine grille. In line with the VW-Porsche joint marketing, European specification cars do not have engine grille "P O R S C H E" badging. Similar to the rear badges, the finish and material used for the engine grille insignia changed several times although the style and dimensions remained constant.

Each of the seven letter emblems is exactly 48 mm long, 20 mm high and 3 mm thick. Each is attached to the engine grille by two 10 mm rear prongs secured with speed nuts. Spacing of the letters across the engine grille is detailed at right. Note that exact spacing is impossible to achieve, because one is constrained by the spacing of the actual grille openings.

Current eBay listings for Porsche 914 and 914/6 engine grille letter emblems (compare listed emblems with those pictured on this page to ensure authenticity and model year utilization):

Porsche 914 and 914/6 Engine Grille Letter Emblems on eBAY

Engine Grille Letters: Gold-Anodized Aluminum

U.S. specification Porsche 914 & 914/6 automobiles produced for model years 1970-1972 were equipped with gold-anodized aluminum engine grille letter emblems.

Engine Grille Letters: Silver-Anodized Aluminum

1973 Porsche 914 models came with chrome-silver anodized aluminum engine grille letter emblems.

Engine Grille Letters: Chrome Plastic

Porsche 914 vehicles produced for model years 1974-1976 came from the factory with chrome-silver plastic engine grille letter emblems, presumably as another cost-cutting measure. Visually, they are identical to the 1973 chrome-silver anodized aluminum "P O R S C H E" letters (pictures pending).