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Porsche 914/6
Owner's Manual Picture

Orange Bar: Early

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Orange Bar:

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Orange v. Red

Red Bar: Transitional

Red Bar: Early

Porsche 911, 912, 914 & 914/6 Badges: Hood Crests

Not an Option (from the Factory)

This is a very easy component to cover. No 914/6 or 914 vehicle left either the Porsche Zuffenhausen or Volkswagen Wolfsburg factory with hood (front trunk lid) ornamentation of any kind, including the Porsche crest. As noted below, the Porsche 916 models incorporated the Porsche crest into rear badging, but no 914 or 914/6 car, whether U.S., European or other specification, was adorned with an exterior Porsche crest (with the exception of hubcaps used on some 914/6 models).

...Okay, perhaps one Porsche 914/6 production car left the factory at Zuffenhausen with a front trunk lid crest. This famous car is, of course, the vehicle pictured on Page 73 of the Porsche 914/6 factory owner's manual (reproduced at right). Why the marketing folks would use a picture of a car with a front crest may never be known.

That all being said, it is not uncommon to see 914 or 914/6 vehicles sporting a Porsche hood crest. In every case, this ornamentation was added by the dealership or an owner. Similar to the REAR REFLECTOR, the hood crest is popular because it adds a nice finishing touch. If you plan to add or replace a front crest to your 914, consider using period correct Porsche 911 badges for a more authentic look. Position the badge correctly as shown on the example in the 914/6 manual: centered with the front bottom tip 80 mm from the leading edge of the front trunk lid.

Current eBay listings for Porsche Orange Bar Hood Crests (compare listed emblems with those pictured on this page to ensure authenticity and model year utilization... be very thorough):

Porsche Orange Bar "Hood" Crests on eBAY

Porsche Hood Crests: "Orange Bar" 1965 - Early 1974

The drawbacks to using period or model year correct Porsche 911 hood crests are scarcity, cost and item misrepresentation. From 1965 to early 1974, the 911 hood badge used an orange-colored enamel stripe instead of the translucent red inlay with which most people are familiar. Genuine examples of these badges are highly sought-after and commonly sell for hundreds of dollars (contingent on condition). To further complicate matters, the high price that these emblems command has spawned numerous reproductions (some rather good).

The best way to determine if an "orange bar" crest is authentic is through examination of the back. Lesser reproductions (available for about $60) state "Made in Germany" and have more pronounced "dimpling" on the back than even the later originals possessed. Higher quality reproductions have the correct "901,"  "" and "AR" markings embossed on the back, but still have more distinct "dimpling" in the metal than do the originals, which were either smooth, or, in later versions (1972-1974), had very faint dimpling. Such reproductions are frequently misrepresented as factory original or NOS, so it is important to be familiar with the differences. Generally, if an early Porsche crest looks too gaudy or pristine to be a late 1960s or early 1970s item, it is not authentic.

Porsche Hood Crests: "Red Bar" (Transitional) 1974 - 1976 

Later in the 1974 model year, Porsche 911 hood badge styling was changed to the better-known version with the translucent red stripes. Except for the red enamel, the initial version of this badge is identical to the orange-bar badge it replaced. These "transitional" hood crests are found on late 1974 through early 1976 Porsche 911 models and would therefore be period correct for the 1974-1976 Porsche 914 models. Such badges are uncommon, but still do not rival prices commanded by the "orange bar" crests (although they fetch quite a bit more than subsequent Porsche badges). Again, the most reliable method of determining authenticity is through examination of the rear of the badge (dimpling, incorrect markings, etc.).

Porsche Hood Crests: "Red Bar" (Early) 1976 - 19??

During the 1976 model year (and therefore period correct for the 1976 Porsche 914 models), Porsche 911 hood badges continued to be produced with the translucent red stripe, but with the full part number, 901 559 210 20, embossed on the back. Apparently the supplier was also changed, as the upper marking changed from a diagonal "AR" design in a circle to what appears to be a crossed "REU" design in a circle. All rear dimpling once again vanished as well. Later badges underwent additional changes such as the elimination of the "circle R," introduction of translucent black stripes and eventually a different "PORSCHE" script style, but those changes took place after the end of 914 production in 1976 (and remember, this is a Porsche 914 site, although this page is a bit off-track). The "red bar" emblems are more common and there are also more reproductions available (generally not misrepresented).

As mentioned above, at some point late in the Twentieth Century (1988?), the hood crest changed again to the current red bar version with slight stylistic differences to the "PORSCHE" script (among other things). That badge is not covered here, as the Porsche 914 had been out of production long before its introduction.

Porsche 916 Rear Badging: 1972

The 1972 Porsche 916 model vehicles incorporated the Porsche crest into the (quite busy) rear badging in two styles: