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Emblem Comparison

Black-Anodized Aluminum (early 1973)

Black-Painted Aluminum (late 1973)

Porsche 914 Badges: 1.7 (Liter)

Engine & Badge Variation

With 1973 came the introduction of the VW-assembled 2.0L four-cylinder 914 model, replacing the Porsche-assembled 914/6 which was discontinued after the 1972 model year due to poor sales. This second engine size resulted in the addition of a second rear emblem on 914 models to denote engine displacement in liters. 1973 model year cars added a  "1.7" or "2.0" badge, and a "1.8" or "2.0" emblem graced the back of 1974-1976 model year vehicles.

Practical Planning

The "1.7" badges are all exactly 60 mm long by 20 mm high. They are 3 mm thick and attached to the vehicles by two 10 mm rear prongs that fit through holes in the chassis and are subsequently secured via speed nuts. These prongs are spaced 51 mm center to center, with a 4 mm offset (higher on the right). This mounting post spacing is uniform across all three engine size designation emblems (1.7, 1.8 & 2.0) permitting chassis production consistency

Current eBay listings for Porsche 914 "1.7" emblems (compare listed emblems with those pictured on this page to ensure authenticity and model year utilization):

Porsche 914 1.7 Rear Emblems on eBAY

Early 1973 "1.7" Badge: Black-Anodized Aluminum

"1.7" rear emblems exist only on 1973 Porsche 914 1.7L model year vehicles. The majority of these "1.7" badges are black-anodized aluminum which varied in shade and tend to fade to a purple-tinted gray or even a grayish-silver hue. Moreover, the "914" and engine size badges were anodized separately, so the two generally do not match.

Late 1973 "1.7" Emblem: Black-Painted Aluminum

As with the matching "914" rear badges, factory "1.7" emblems changed to black-painted aluminum toward the end of the 1973 model year production run. Like the factory black-painted "914" and "2.0" badges, the rear of the factory "1.7" emblems are unfinished, unpainted aluminum.

Unlike the later "1.8" and "2.0" emblems (as well as the later matching "914" badges), the factory "1.7" emblems were never constructed of plastic.