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Porsche 914 & 914/6
Acceleration Comparison Graph
Porsche 914: 1970-71
1.7L "W" Engine Code
Porsche 914: 1970-73
1.7L "W" & "EA" Codes
Porsche 914: 1973
1.7L "EB" Engine Code
(California Emissions)
Porsche 914: 1974-76
1.8L "EC" Engine Code
Porsche 914: 1973-74
2.0L "GA" Engine Code
Porsche 914: 1975-76
2.0L "GC" Engine Code
Porsche 914/6: 1970-71
"901.39" Engine Code
Porsche 914/6: 1970-72
"901.38" Engine Code

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Porsche 914 Acceleration
1970 - 1971 "W" Engine Code
with "Sportomatic" Transmission

A Hypothetical Curve

According to the owner's manual, 1970-1971 Porsche 914 vehicles equipped with a 1.7L "W" engine type and a SPORTOMATIC transmission would have produced the acceleration curve shown below. We are assuming this was based on testing, as no 1.7L Porsche 914 vehicles were actually sold to the public. Anyway, acceleration would begin to underperform the 1.7 liter cars with a five-speed manual transmission once speeds exceed 60 MPH. This would result from the different gearing required by the four-speed format. Additional information regarding the "W" engines is located (not surprisingly) on the ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS page.

The 1970-1971 Porsche 914 1.7L Sportomatic cars allegedly reach 60 MPH in 12 seconds.
They would have covered a quarter-mile in 19 seconds while reaching a speed of 72 MPH.
The one kilometer mark would have been reached in 35 seconds at 92 MPH.
The top rated speed of Porsche 914 1.7L Sportomatic vehicles would have been 106 MPH.