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Porsche 914 & 914/6
Acceleration Comparison Graph
Porsche 914: 1970-71
1.7L "W" Engine Code
Porsche 914: 1970-73
1.7L "W" & "EA" Codes
Porsche 914: 1973
1.7L "EB" Engine Code
(California Emissions)
Porsche 914: 1974-76
1.8L "EC" Engine Code
Porsche 914: 1973-74
2.0L "GA" Engine Code
Porsche 914: 1975-76
2.0L "GC" Engine Code
Porsche 914/6: 1970-71
"901.39" Engine Code
Porsche 914/6: 1970-72
"901.38" Engine Code

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Porsche 914 Acceleration
1973 - 1974 "GA" Engine Code

Power to the People!

1973-1974 Porsche 914 vehicles were equipped with a 2.0L "GA" engine produce the acceleration curve shown below. These more powerful four-cylinder cars, initially marketed in the U.S. as the "Porsche 914-S," were meant to help fill the performance vacancy resulting from production termination of the 914/6. The 2.0L "GA" code is the strongest of the production 914 four cylinder engines in all categories as evidenced in the acceleration curve below. Additional information regarding the "GA" engines is located (not surprisingly) on the ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS page.

The 1973-1974 Porsche 914 2.0L vehicles reach 60 MPH in 10.7 seconds.
They cover a quarter-mile in 18 seconds while reaching a speed of 80 MPH.
The one kilometer mark is reached in 32.8 seconds at 101 MPH.
The top rated speed of Porsche 914 2.0L "GA" vehicles is 115 MPH.