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1969 - 1973

Porsche 914/6 and 1969 - 1973 Porsche 911
Factory-Issued Pudenz Fuse Pack

Time to Accessorize

Late '60s to mid-70's Porsche 911 and all Porsche 914/6 models came equipped with a Pudenz fuse pack containing five ceramic fuses. The fuses are held in a small, clear plastic "box" with a sliding lid marked "Pudenz." This is, in turn, held in a red(ish) vinyl pouch with a flap closure (refer to the pictures - it is hard to describe). This red(ish) pouch matches the driver's manual and maintenance manual covers.  Although the Porsche 914/6 owner's manual lists the fuse pack as part of the tool kit ("Plastic wallet with fuses"), there is no place for it in the tool bag. We expect the fuse pack was initially stored in the glove compartment with the manual.

While the pack pictured contains one 25 amp (blue), one 16 amp (red) and three 8 amp (white) fuses, this is not the mixture that would have been provided in the 914/6 (because there were no 16 amp fuses used in that model vehicle). The combination provided by the factory in the Porsche 914/6 would likely have been one 25 amp (blue) and four 8 amp (white) fuses to most closely match the ratio used in the car (two 25 amp and ten 8 amp fuses). As, however, we have yet to find an original, unused 914/6 fuse pack, we cannot state this as fact. If you happen to have an unused, original Pudenz fuse pack in your Porsche 914/6, please ContactUs@P914.com.

Current eBay listings for Porsche Pudenz fuse packs (compare listed items with those pictured on this page to ensure authenticity):

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