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Welcome to P914!

About the Porsche 914 and P914...

The Porsche 914 vehicle lineup was a joint venture  between Porsche, KG and Volkswagen, AG in the early-mid 1970s designed to replace the aging VW Karmann Ghia and provide Porsche with an entry-level roadster...

This site assumes that you already know that story. P914.com is designed primarily as a reference for Porsche 914 and 914/6 owners, restorers and/or Concours d'Elegance enthusiasts seeking detailed factory component, accessory and performance information and pictures to assist in restoration and purchasing decisions. Of course, if you are considering buying a Teener, P914 may help provide some insight as to the originality of perspective vehicles. In any case, we hope P914 meets some of your needs. We guarantee it won't cost you $16.95 + shipping, contain only black and white pictures and be fraught with factual errors when it arrives.

Some Site Design Notes:

At P914, our objective is to provide quality, detailed information about the VW-Porsche mid-engined roadster collaborations known as the Porsche 914 and 914/6 in a straightforward manner. The primary sections of the site are accessible from every page via buttons along the top. Once a section is selected, any sub-sections will be available via buttons in the left panel (any additional drill-down works in the same manner). There are no "flyout" menus or other dynamic motion scripts on P914, in part because they increase bandwidth and processor load, but moreso because we consider them annoying.

Thumbnails with links to full-size pictures or illustrations relevant to the topic of a specific page will be in the right sidebar. An in-site search field is provided at the top of the right panel on every page. It doesn't work yet, but we included the field in case we figure out how to properly configure indexing in Apache. This "Home" page provides direct access to all site sections and first-level subsections. It is accessible via the "P914" logo at the top-left of every page.

We welcome content submissions and relevant feedback. Honestly, we wish we received more of both. If you would like to share something, please ContactUs@P914. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy your visit and find what you are seeking.